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infidelity issues

Asked by Female, 37, Married
Hello, I had a love marriage, it's been six years that my husband doesn't share much, but he looks for friends to share especially female and recently he had an affair with his teammate who was just 23yrs. He is 37, he said she made him feel good but why he does it? kindly help
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Dr. Sudhir
Counseling Psychologist

Dear Writer,

Thank you for writing in. It does take tremendous courage to be open about your concerns and you should be proud that you are taking the first (and most difficult) step towards resolving it.

You know it is challenging to change another person’s behaviour. However it is possible to work closely with you to help make the decisions towards resolving it.

Although you have been clear about your situation, could you help me understand the top 3 concerns you need addressed? Articulating your concerns in a precise and tangible manner will help us develop a focused approach. Therefore, if you can list the top 3 concerns in as few words as is possible (e.g. Another person reached out to me with the question "I want to understand why my wife works so late?” or “My wife takes frequent business trips. I feel something odd is going on", we can start the process of navigating this situation in a meaningful, solution oriented manner.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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