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Lack of sex with husband leading to strained relations

Asked by Female, 32, Married
Due to my bedridden MIL's interference, my husband and I do not have a happy marriage. He is not interested in having sex, although he sexts other women. He objects to me visiting my mother, although he visits friends often. I have given up my job to take care of my MIL. My husband is refusing to address my concerns.
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist


Woman, Thou r great and mighty. This is what I feel like like telling u after reading your mail.
However it has been very good of you to have put your situation in a clear manner. You are very much in touch with the real situation.
It is also very obvious that your husband is least affected by your state and is having his social life very much fulfilled.
The messaging to other women is also keeping him well fulfilled with his needs.

You r going through a tough time and your only solace and Ray of hope is your little son, who makes u smile, laugh and give u a reason for going through this ordeal each day.

What I m about to say is going to be tough. I m not just a counselor but also a spiritual counselor. U need to each day assess what u r learning from this, why u r in this situation and how u can change this so u become happy and fulfilled in all ways.

It is known to the world that when we want to change our situation, we need to visualize the situation we want.

So start making a list of what u want
Then start visualising everyday that day when ur life is full of happiness and physical ly and mentally and each every way.
Send this wishes to the God u worship and tell I leave this with in ur hand.
Please show me the way and make my dreams come true.
Have faith that this is a period of test and soon u shall come out a winner.

I have seen many relationships and situations take a turn.
Patience, Faith, Perseverance and kindness to all even ur husband and inlaws is what will bring about the change.
I pray to the divine and the angels and am sure you shall see ur happiness soon.

With magical loce


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