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Mother in law creating problems and husband not ready to leave their house and stay with me alone

Asked by Female, 30, Married
me and my husband married since 5 years have a 3 yr old baby girl.my mother in law is creating problem. my husband not ready to leave their house and stay with me alone. my responsibilities etc.. and show more sympathy towards in laws than towards me. very much disturbed emotionally. also per se our personal relationship is also not good. having ego issuses. i m trying to adjust but not able to do so. i m always in some thaught and forgot laughing. both of us r doctors.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear writer, thank you for writing to us. I understand you are hurting. To understand your situation better, can you tell me what problems is your mother in law creating? I see these problems are affecting you emotionally. You said in your relationship with your husband there are ego issues. How long have things been this way between the two of you? Perhaps the issues in your relationship are related to your in-laws as well.. When the situation becomes difficult how do you react with your mother in law? I can understand that beyond a point it becomes harder to adjust when there are constant issues and you feel that maybe living separately from your in-laws might be the answer. To have your husband see eye to eye with you and understand you, sorting out the problems in your marriage would help you out. I wonder if it makes you angry with your husband when you don't get the kind of support you expect. Can you tell me more about yourself and your husband as individuals for my understanding? Please message back to continue our discussion. Regards

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