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My husband always finds faults in me, MIL does't like me. I am depressed

Asked by Female, 34, Married
I am married 34 years old, mother of two kids aged girl 8 years and boy 11 months. The problem is in my marriage. My husband is always criticizing me. In anything n everything. He doesn't leave a single chance to do so. I have stayed with my in-laws for 6 years n now we stay separate in a different city. My mother-in-law never liked me. She was always telling my husband that I am not good enough. We had a love marriage with a lot of fighting with our families. But eventually they gave permission. It was his family actually that was against our marriage. But he somehow convinced them. But after marriage I was not happy even for a day. We never celebrated any occasion or never went out on vacations. Now suddenly my husband has started to find faults in everything I do. Even when I talk to my maids, he makes annoying faces at me expressing his disagreement on what I am telling them. That I should speak to them in a more proper way. What is tha proper way I don't know yet! All this is making my life hell. I feel like I am going into depression! Please Help!
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Counseling Psychologist

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us. Sounds like you are left very confused and upset to find your husband reacting to you in the way that he is. How long has he been behaving this way? Have you tried to talk to him and find out if something is bothering him or if he is upset with you about anything?

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