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Bad Marriage. Husband asking to sign affidavit

Asked by Female, 36, Married
A known girl married 10 years back came in friendship with a person of her department. she has met him twice only. But made telephonic conversations and messages for about two months. She started having affection for him as the man was talkative and humourous. From the recorded conversations it shows that the man some time asked for intercourse but she refused. She had two children. Her relations with her husband were not good. She do not like his habits as he was not respecting her. After this explosion the girl has signed where ever her husband asked. But the husband want an affidavit from her parents that if she repeats such mistake or does not respect and behave with his parents. Draft affidavit says that parent of girl should sign on affidavit which says that his parents are very good persons. They have never demanded dowry. The parents of girl were not properly guiding her but were interfering in their relationship The parents of girls will not stand in case he submits divorce. It also states that they should not be held responsible for anything done by girl including suicide. What the parents should do?
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you for sharing your concern. What I am unclear about is how her conversations came to be recorded and how you managed to hear it as well? When you say objectionable do you mean sexual? The situation seems toxic for your friend regardless of her psychological issues. You might want to find what your friend wants to do? Does she want to work this out somehow with her husband even though he expects an affidavit? Asking for an affidavit clearly shows that he doesn't trust her and trust is the foundation of all relationships. The problems your friend has with her husband, which prompted her to seek comfort from another man are yet to be solved. What your friend's parents should do depends on what your friend wants for herself first. This seems to be a discussion your friend and her family need to have, to figure out what the next step should be. When you say her husband will take actions, what actions exactly does he mean? If your friend needs help in figuring this out perhaps you could recommend her to reach out to us at Askmile as well. We look forward to continue this discussion.

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