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Physical abuse by wife and son

Asked by Male, 53, Married
How do I deal with physical abuse by my wife and son?
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist


Thank you for finally asking for help. It must have become so unbearable that finally u have tried to find a solution.

As I can see ur age is 53,which means this abuse is going on for many years.
Your son has just learnt it from your wife, to whom u have allowed to abuse u physically for so many years.

I am sure u have expressed ur pain to them many times. And u also must have thought of taking a step many times to put a stop to this.

Physical abuse, whether to a human or animal is when the abuser has no respect for you. Here it also says in ur case that u have lost respect for yourself.

First make yourself strong. Be ready to stick to the he decisions you make, then take the help of a friend who can help you by talking to a friend in police or a social organisation like street mukti. These organisation also help men who r abused.

Let the social workers intervene and help u by talking to the family and even if consequences are involved.

Remember if u be a doormat people bound to walk over you.

Come out of your comfort zone and take a step.

They have taken u for granted and they know u shall not retaliate, so they r continuing.

You r the one who has to take the step. Approach an organisation personally. Go and talk to them.

I look forward to your self respect regained.

With magical love


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