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Want to save my marriage but wife has differing opinion

Asked by Male, 50, Married
My wife and I are still in love with each other but she thinks that our marriage cannot be saved.
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Counseling Psychologist

When it comes to saving a marriage, usually one of the partners is more interested in keeping it alive. He or she then motivates the other partner to join the efforts in protecting their relationship. Sometimes it happens that both partners share the equal determination to save their marriage when problems arise. You may want to reach out to marriage counselor and learn how to improve your communication and find a constructive way to solve conflicts in your marriage.

You need to learn how to fight for your marriage in a constructive and an effective way.
Take time to think: is my marriage crisis a temporary issue or it is the actual end of my relationship?

You may wonder: "Is it possible to save my marriage when only one of us is willing to work at saving it? Yes, it is possible. Although the situation can be very frustrating to the one who is trying, there are things that can be done to save the marriage in this situation.
Here are a few things you can try doing:

However, it might still happen that your partner sticks to a decision to fill for divorce after everything you’ve tried. If none of the aforementioned strategies works out, at least you will know that you have tried everything to save your marriage.

If it does work, however, you will enjoy the quality of your newly renewed marriage and improved relationship with your partner. Remember, every crisis is an opportunity. So, take this crisis as an opportunity to grow as a couple and boost your relationship.

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