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Wife repeatedly having affairs with other men, feeling broken and suicidal

Asked by Male, 50, Married
My wife of 32 year with 2 kids had a relationship with her co worker i warned her to stop it,she agreed and I believed her but 2 years later found out that she was physical with him. We had an argument ,but I forgive her and she left the job . This was 5 years back ,she joined another job .2 year back I found out she is having sex with another man in her office. Now I am totally broken and suicidal .I must tell u here that I am physically fit in all aspects,and I still don't want to divorce her,but there is an old saying that forgive once but never twice. What to do ? ,
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist


Thank you for writing to us finally. You have indeed taken this for a very long time and have a very big heart to have forgiven your wife even after learning regarding her physical relationship. And now you are again standing on the same junction as you were five years ago.

I am sure you must be very sure of this having happened again and you are not just feeling so traumatised from some false information.

It must be very difficult to keep forgiving her and any person would consider divorce as an option to save his self respect.

However I would ask you to give this another thought and find out why she is doing so.

Why does she get attracted physically with her colleagues

How is your physical relationships and intimacy with her

Does she have a higher sexual need

Along with being a psychologist, I am also a Pranic healer and such situations arise mostly when the sex chakra is imbalanced and there is a hormonal imbalance leading to higher sexual need.

Is she psychologically in need of someone appreciating or wanting her. Women who have an self image issue also need constant assurance in the form of someone needing her and wanting her.

So I would recommend, before you think of divorce as a solution and you want to help her and make some good difference in your relationship, do a little probing on the above aspects I have highlighted, do a little reading about the sex chakra and you shall find a solution which will not only save your marriage but also the children will not lose their mother.

I pray that your family is together and happy with each other.

With magical love,


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