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Wife verbally and physically abusive, FIL filing false domestic violence cases

Asked by Male, 40, Married
Hello, This is to inform you that I had a love marriage in 2005 Aug and have one son who is 11 years and daughter of 2 years. I have come to know through my son in the year 2015 April that my wife had been cheating me with illicit affairs and my son had shown me the pictures of the same. We were staying in an area, where it is a goondaraj police who does not have any role over there. So after discussing with my elders and cousin I first shifted my son to military school in the place we moved in and then in consensus sold the room in the previous locality and shifted to other place, where my in-laws reside I purchased a room as my cousin advised me that after showing the facts to her relatives and parents she would improve. So a family meeting was arranged and all the proofs were revealed to her parents and relatives and it was asked what she has to do whether she wants to separate or not, at this she said she would wish to continue with the marriage but within a month she started fighting and her father who is an ex-military personal always interferes in small issues and threatens to kill my son and me. I had given a police complaint but police say it's a family issue and they can't-do much. So I had written a mail to the commissioner of police regarding the same and after the reply of email the police acted and assured me that they won't harras me of false domestic violence cases which my father-in-law had filed. Soon after that incident, my wife is staying with her parents since Nov 2016 and visits for 10 to 15 mins, quarrels, and abuses. I am staying with my son in scion, yesterday on 23 may 2017 she came at 7.30 pm and started abusing and using provocative words to provoke me to fight but I didn't reply, on facing this she went to the hall and crashed the set up box of TV and pulled it to the ground and scratched me with her nails. I have visited the police station and filed a case, but the police said that I have to go to family court for getting back the setup box which she has taken. She is asking me to vacate the house but it has the names of both of us, as I had been giving her money for expenses and saving, out of which we have purchased the previous residence and after selling the same we purchased this new residence by putting some money. Sir, please let me know what should be done since my son is severely upset and it is affecting mine and my family's health.
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Counseling Psychologist

Hi Writer, first of all, thank you for reaching out to us. I'm terribly sorry to hear that you are dealing with such a difficult situation at this time. It must be very scary for you to have repeatedly faced this situation.
From what you have stated, it does sound like the first steps that need to be taken are the legal steps. Therefore, I would highly recommend that you reach out to a lawyer to get this sorted as soon as possible. I understand that your children must be going through a lot and confused at this point as well. They will need a large amount of support and reassurance that you will be there for them and they do not have to worry. If you are able to find a child psychologist where you live, do consider taking them there for a few sessions.

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