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Hi i have an issue over my marr...

Asked by Female, 29, Married
Hi i have an issue over my marriage i know my husband from last 8 years and we got married 1 month back. From our engagement till today nothing has been worked well we had lots of conflicts and till now it is going on. I have tolared his worst behaviour towards me he get up from the mandap by saying i will not marry to her as some misunderstanding happened between both pandits and he insulted my parents infront of every budy my mother was crying then when we came home he started fighting with me by taunting me that u dont have guts i had so i get up and refuse to marry u there. He came on physical violence with me he twist my arm push me to tge walls press my mouth with his hand he picked the clothes and throw here and there he picked my make up kit and throw here and there he pick the calander from table and throw it on me and told me i will throw u out of this house also and he humilated me infront of all his known one in todays date there is no longer respect between us and when i raise my voice and told him dont show me your rude behaviour dont abuse me he used to say ok sorry i will not do it again and then he contined everytime and because of all this i lost my trust on him now fully he insulted me infornt of his relatives my parents and everybudy blamed me that i create all the mess. I tolerated his rude mis behaviour from the engagement for 6 months he used to abuse me ever day he used to never call me or meet me for the past 6 months of our engagement til our marriage and infront of his mother and sister he told that she is having affair somewhere thats why she is doing all this i cant live with this type of girl who ruined my life my family and his mother told if i was aware of all this i should have never come with the marriage proposal now my limitations of tolerance has crossed the line now i dont want to live with him whenever he gets angry he becomes violent very badly and then use to say that my mental level is getting worst i ask him what u will do he told me if i had a knife i would have cut your throat. He tried to pull my mangalsutra also over the matter of giving my hand to him i had no mood but he forced me to give him my hand to him on that reason he tried to pull my mangalsutra now u tell me what should i do now as i am totaly frustrated and highly depressed my parents dont understand fully me at some point of time they are with him after knowing all they still want me to give him chance he says u r psyco u need a doctor who tells like this to his newly wedded wife who behave like this to his newly wedded wife. There are conflits between every husband and wife but not on inital stage of marriage.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. I understand you are going through a very difficult time. I was hoping we could discuss this over the phone session you had booked for. However, please feel free to write in here and continue ours discussion till you feel ready for a phone session again. Could you please update me on your current situation and I will be happy to help you accordingly. Regards.

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