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How do I continue with the marriage when there is no compatibility and huge interference of in-laws.

Asked by Female, 30, Married
I'm going through a troubled married life. There are kit if compatibility issues between me n my husband. He fulfills all his responsibilties, so do I. However I feel there is lack of communication lack of love between us. The only point of communication between us is our 1 year old son. I feel he doesn't love me and finds me aggressive. I had outbursted sometimes on him because of anger depression frustration. These may be because of expectations from him. And lack of love in our relationship. There is hell lot of interefence of his parents in our matters. Even a small argument goes to another level as he instead of solving issue or a normal conversation between us, he feels more comfortable in calling/telling his parents. and then my parents who r in another city. I feel more angry then. And the issue gets exaggerated. I have told him not to involve any ine else in our matters but he discuss everything inc our things related to physical relationship too. I so want to just run away from this marriage sometimea but my small baby 's future comea in my mind and also i know My parents will never gonna breakdown with my broken relationship. Apart from this I never believe in breaking up the relationshipa , rather I keep trying to improve the relationship. Please advise what to do?
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes courage to have taken this step. I understand you feel very upset and angry when your husband involves your in-laws and your parents during any argument.
It seems as though your husband can't handle confrontations. For some people involving others during arguments helps them face the situation and cut down tension. Understandably when your husband does it, this annoys you and makes you angrier than before. Either way the problem is not resolved between the two of you but just suppressed instead. Every married couple is entitled to their fights and then sorting out it on their own because it strengthens and solidifies a partnership.
This aside what are the other problems affecting your marriage that makes you feel unloved and frustrated?
How long have you been married and when did these​ problems start?
I understand you want to work on the relationship and to help your accordingly could you tell me more about yourself and your husband as individuals?
Please do message back to continue our discussion. Regards

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