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How to get rid of masturabtion?

Asked by Male, 34, Married
I want to get rid of masturabtion. I don't know how to get rid. Is it wrong to do masturabtion? I can do sex but my wife does not feel to do sex more than once so I do masturabton. But also whenever I see female breasts I see very sexiness in me I don't know.
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist


Thank you for asking this question which is a question in more than half the worlds population. It is good that you decided to find out before making any more further efforts into trying to get rid of the habit called masturbation.

Let me bring some joy into your world step by step.

First masturbation is the most normal and healthy way of finding a release in the sexual pleasure.
Masturbation is the only way many of us experience the joy of sex without a partner or even with a partner.
Masturbation saves one from feeling frustrated due to lack of a partner and lack of sex.
A huge pc engage of population though married or having a partner resort to masturbation..

We are told by some elders who have been told by their elders that masturbation is bad. It is perfectly healthy as long as you are not addicted, you follow hygiene and you avoid pervert sex.

Your next query. You wife does not want to have sex more than once and therefore you masturbate.
Again please be happy that she has once. Many women have headaches even for once.
Let me explain. Sex is one of the basic need according to Abraham Maslow. It is a need as basic as food, water, air, shelter.
Now some people are happy with one helping while having a meal, while others want a second helping and also some dessert. Your wife is satisfied with one time of release, however your need is higher so you are not satisfied with one time and need more release. Go ahead and masturbate and this also gives you some more options of fantasising . The large breasts that you like and get aroused. Go ahead fantasise and masturbate.

Third you said the sight of the breasts turn you on. Now you are just one among the billions of men. There would be very few who would not get turned on seeing a pair of great breast and nothing wrong in that except that please do not ogle when in public, otherwise you may get beaten up. But God has created women so beautiful with a body to die for. And a woman with beautiful breast is like the most natural for stirring up.

If you have noticed, I am talking about sex with utmost respect and as I would have for food. We do not disrespect food and we worship before eating, similarly sex is a pleasure, a privilege for our healthy minds and body. Respect the act, respect the wishes of others, sink in the pleasures however keep any kind of pervert acts or thoughts away.

Wish you many more orgasms with your wife and also while masturbating.

With magical love,


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