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Husband gives priority to MIL. I feel avoided

Asked by Female, 34, Married
I am 34 year married woman, my problem is my husband is not interested in me, his priorities are his friends and his mother. He always take his mothers side whenever we had arguments. I feel so avoided with him. I don't see any future of our relation, because he thinks he is always right. Please help how to overcome from this depression?
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Dr. Joseph
Counseling Psychologist

Thanks for reaching out to the askmile team with your concerns about your marriage, particularly your feeling that you are ignored and avoided by your husband. I do understand that such experiences create a lot of negative reactions in you. As it was a love marriage during courtship and post-marriage you found your husband very supportive and understanding which was your best experience. But the current experience in the marriage make you feel depressed and uncertain about the future of the relationship. You have given 100% to this marriage but do not feel the same level of reciprocation from your husband.
One of the major issues is that your experience that he gives priority to his friends and his mother. It troubles you a lot when your husband gives too much attention to others and too little time and energy for you. I assume that there is no quality time between two of you while he is busy with others.
You feel depressed with the experiences of being neglected and avoided in your own home. I do understand that you have a lot of anger and sadness over what is happening. This creates a lot of uncertainty and helplessness in you. There are times you think of divorce as your husband does not make any attempt to make you happy.

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