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Husband secretly chatting with another woman

Asked by Female, 32, Married
My husband chats with another woman secretly when I am not at home but when I am around he ties to show me that he loves me. How do I get my husband back without chasing him?
Thumb komal
Counseling Psychologist

Hi Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help.

It seems that you are facing difficulty in your marriage. It disturbs and bothers you that your husband talks to other women in your absence but when you are present he tries to convince you of his love for you. You also do not want to be too clingy in wanting to bring him back. I understand that it must be a difficult position for you to be in.

Firstly, I would appreciate the courage in you for being able to manage so far. I can imagine that this must have been very hard for you.
Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your husband as individuals? What do you both do?
Was it an arranged or a love marriage? Since how long have you both been married? How was the marriage before these issues started?
When do such situations occur that you are not at home and he gets to chat with other women secretly? How did you come to know of this? Since when did this start? Could you think of any reasons what might have started this?
Have you confronted him about this? From what you have said, you mentioned that he tries to make you understand that he loves you a lot, meaning he is aware that he needs to put in efforts to make you believe that. Could it mean he knows that you have your doubts about him?
Answering these questions will help me understand your situation better and enable me to guide you accordingly.

Secondly, how would you like me to help you with your situation? What is it that you are hoping to seek through this counselling process?

Please respond back to continue our discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards.

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