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My husband have sexual relationship with MIL. I left home!

Asked by Female, 30, Married
My husband has sexual relationship with his mother and after observing that he beat me and told me You are wrong I left home now what to do I don't know. She came to help me after my delivery but I have observed that during night time my husband use to come near her and touch her body parts in fact he use to erase his private part to show him. It continued for long I use to warn him again and again but he told me I am wrong. What to do?
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, I can understand how hurt and alone you must be feeling. This is a frightfully terrible incident to have witnessed. Incest between mother and son is a serious violation on the mother's part to have encouraged her son's sexual curiosity in an perverse manner. It is a situation that you don't have control over if your husband doesn't admit to what has been happening. The truth is out and it is their shame to bear. Have you confided in anyone else? Your family or a friend? It's important to have the support of someone whom you can trust. Right now the way you feel is very important. What you might have to ask yourself is what do you want to do? Do you feel stuck wondering how you should go about this? Would consider taking to your husband when you're calmer? Perhaps you can set an ultimatum. You mentioned having left the house.. With whom are you staying currently? Has there been any contact from your husband since you left? This is a question of trust.. How do you feel towards your husband considering what he has done? Either way remember this is not the end. You have a child's future to consider and your own and something can done about it. We can figure it out together. Please do message back to continue our discussion. We are here to help.

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