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My husband is addicted to online sexual dating.

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My husband is addicted to sexual dating. After 10 years affairs we got married. I have one kid. He in 10 th. I am very frustrated for his behaviors. Since after marriage I have been noticing him he ignores me on bed. Once I caught him and he confess me every thing. Some time he promised me that he would never do that. But again after few months he starts doing online sex. Our marriage life is about to go to hell. I want to save him.
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Counseling Psychologist

It must be very difficult to discover this about your husband and to live with it. Infidelity is not easy to work through in a marriage and it shows great strength for you to want to save your husband from the path he has taken to.

You mention that you got married after an affair of 10 years which means that there was a lot going on for the both of you before you were even married and now somehow all of that is at stake. It would help to try and explore what brought about this change in your relationship. Going for couple's counselling would help you both explore issues in your relationship and resolve them mutually.

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