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Sexual Issues Asked by female, 26 years. in_relationship

I'm horny and having bad sexual desire

My problem is I'm horny and have bad sexual desire.

Recognizing needs in a positive/ negative light is a matter of perspective. You're 26 years old and sexual satisfaction is your body's basic need, biologically speaking. At this point, you can take sometime to reflect on your views of sex and intimacy. How appropriate it seems pre/post marriage and your take on hook-ups as well. In my opinion, there isn't so much a right or wrong decision to be made at this point. It's more a question of what your need is at this stage in your life and what can be done to fulfill it. Whether it's a full fledged relationship you're looking for along...
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 0 years. married

My husband is addicted to online sexual dating.

My husband is addicted to sexual dating. After 10 years affairs we got married. I have one kid. He in 10 th. I am very frustrated for his behaviors. Since after marriage I have been noticing him he ignores me on bed. Once I caught him and he confess me every thing. Some time he promised me that...

It must be very difficult to discover this about your husband and to live with it. Infidelity is not easy to work through in a marriage and it shows great strength for you to want to save your husband from the path he has taken to. You mention that you got married after an affair of 10 years which means that there was a lot going on for the both of you before you were even married and now somehow all of that is at stake. It would help to try and explore what brought about this change in your relationship. Going for couple's counselling would help you both explore issues in your...
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 25 years. married

Disturbed by husband's disinterest in intimacy, weight loss, excessive crying

My husband is not interested in intimacy. I am disturbed, have lost weight, and cry most nights.

One enters into marriage with dreams of hoping to start a new journey with their partner that is filled with love and happiness. For a happy and successful marriage, both partners need to be equally invested to work towards it. With the basic love and communication not in place for a strong foundation, anything that is built upon it will turn out to be shaky, especially at an engagement phase. This is certainly not why someone enters into a marriage. I can imagine your pain and agony. Sexual need is as strong a need as thirst or hunger. We are sexual beings and it is only natural that...
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 24 years. married

Newly-wed spouse pressuring me for sex

I am being blamed for wanting to take my time before I have sex with my husband. We have been married for two weeks.

Taking your time to get comfortable before getting physically close and intimate is your right. It is unfair of your husband to blame you for that and to force you beyond what you are ready for. You have only begun your married life and have a long journey ahead of you. I can imagine how uncomfortable this must be for you. When things are calm, talk about the relationship. You can start the conversation by saying “You’re important to me and I want you in my life. There are some things in this relationship that are deal-breakers for me. My hope is that we can work them out and the only...
Sexual Issues Asked by male, 30 years. in_relationship

Suffering from sexual issues, due to marry girlfriend

I am due to marry my girlfriend in some time. I have sexual issues with her.

Hi Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help. You seem to be worried about certain sexual concerns that you are currently facing with your girlfriend who you seek to marry soon. I can imagine that this must be a difficult position for you to be in. Firstly, I would appreciate the courage in you for being able to manage so far. Could you tell me what your concerns are? Since when have you been facing them? Have you consulted any doctors regarding this before? Or anything else that might be important for me to know to better understand your issue...
Sexual Issues Asked by male, 35 years. married

Lack of sexual intimacy in a marriage

My sex life has been terrible. I have been married for little over a year, and we aren't having any sex. My wife is understandably upset. I have told there is nothing physically wrong with me. I would like help figuring out what is wrong.

Hi Writer, thank you for reaching out to us. It does sound like you are quite frustrated and confused yourself with the situation you are in. How is your relationship with your wife otherwise? How would you describe it?
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 28 years. married

My husband is not interested in sex. Everyday same excuse tiredness!

I am married for more than a few years now. My husband is not interested in sex anymore. I know he is getting tired with his job and travel to workplace everyday but same tiredness excuse everyday. I think he is not interested in me anymore. I tried all the methods to attract him to have sex but...

Hi Writer, thank you for reaching out to us. Sounds like you are facing a problem that a lot of couples face these days within their relationship. Have you spoken to him about this?
Sexual Issues Asked by male, 23 years. single

I'm addicted to porn. How can I control my sexual urges?

I'm 23 male , I'm having sexual urges at maximum. How can I control it? I'm addicted to watching porn. Can counseling make a difference?

Hi Writer, thank you for reaching out to us. Sounds like you are aware that you have a problem and it's great that you're willing to accept that and reach out for help. How long have you been addicted to porn for? It would be helpful if you can tell me how you are feeling emotionally everyday. Do you find yourself masturbating when you are anxious for example? Also, tell me a little more about yourself? What do you do?
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 27 years. in_relationship

Anxiety towards intimacy issues, how to overcome this issue?

I am 27-year-old, I am suffering from sex issue. I and my boyfriend is going to marry soon. But since last 6-7 months, I have lost interest in sex with him. Because of this now we fight a lot. Don't know what to do. Why am I not interested towards sex?

Dear Writer, thank you for writing to us. It takes courage to reach out and ask for help. I understand you are concerned about your lack of interest in sex. Reduced sexual desire is more common than you think. We have to figure out what your reasons are. Did you go through any stress or did anything else happen in your life or relationship around the same time? Any changes? The incident can be emotional, physical or even medical changes... Although your both fight a lot I understand you struggle to explain why this is happening. Could you also tell me more about your relationship before...
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 46 years. married

How to deal with inadequacy and rejection of sex life in marriage?

Is a sex less marriage sustainable? Been married for 24 years and there is no sex in the last 15 years. How do I deal with feelings of inadequacy and rejection? Have put in a great deal of efforts but to no avail. Please tell me what to do?

Dear User6340, To give you a generic answer, marriage is not only about sex but without sex, a marriage becomes dysfunctional. Since marriage is 2 people coming together for a common purpose, if both partners are of the same opinion on abstinence, companionship can substitute for physicality. But if, one or the other, is coerced into the agreement, then it will lead to dysfunctionality. That aside, in order to help you, I will need to know more about your specific circumstances. Please tell me more about the past 24 years of your marriage. Warm regards. Arunita Biswas
Sexual Issues Asked by male, 40 years. married

Not having sex for the past few days. Cant control

I am not having sex for the past few days and feeling erotic at night. Watching more prone movies and getting out of control not able to go near her tried hard every day going near her she is not at all interested.

Hello, Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding your need for sexual experience and you are deprived by your partner, as I understand. Your write up is too brief that I do not get enough information to respond to you. Kindly write a detailed description with what is going on in your marriage / relationship. How old are you? How old is she? How long the relationship? Why are you not able to go near her? As you are not getting a positive response from your partner you depend on porn movies which is also one of your concerns. I agree with you, you have enough reasons to be tensed. Please...
Sexual Issues Asked by male, 21 years. single

Bisexual Friend. Feel inferior due to her sexuality.

I have a friend, she is my best friend. She revealed me that she is bisexual. And she thinks a lot bad about herself but she is good person she thinks herself bad and inferior because of her sexuality. She is going through inferiority complex due to her sexuality how to help her?

Dear Writer, I appreciate your writing in to us. I understand that you are very concerned for your friend and want to offer her all your support but are unsure of how to go about it. Well it might help you to find out why she thinks her sexuality makes her a bad and inferior person. You might want to get to know and understand what her thoughts of bisexuality and heterosexuality are? Did she go through some incidents or experiences that led to to this conclusion? Is it to do with her upbringing and what her family thinks or does religion play a role? The more you talk to her and encourage...
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 34 years. married

Husband unable to get erection, feels guilty and frustrated

I have an emotionally close relationship with my husband. However, he is unable to make love to me as he does not get an erection. Should I see a urologist?

Hello, Thank you for replying back and also giving more details, especially regarding the love and the closeness that you both share. I can imagine his frustration, because of not being able to have a sex life. He seems to have come to terms with his needs. The laughter is just a defence mechanism to cover his own feelings of helplessness.. My dear, it is time to see a sexologist. Do not delay.
Sexual Issues Asked by female, 26 years. single

Partner will leave me if I tell parents that I am a lesbian

I am a lesbian. Having problem with my partner. She cant trst me anymore. And want to tell my parents about my orientation. I cant marry actually. I'm aged 26+ years. But if i tell my parents about myself there is no guarantee that she'll stay. Life becoming more measurable. What should I do?...

Hey, Firstly let me say that it was courageous of you to open up about your problem and talk about it. About the sexual orientation, it is perfectly natural/normal and this is not in your hands, saying that lets keep that aside and not worry about parents and marriage as of now. Most important thing is that you need to focus is that you need to focus on your relationship and think of your partner as a person whom you can trust and not be insecure about, if you are thinking about a space where she is not able to trust you anymore, then you need to work on the relationship matrics together...
Sexual Issues Asked by male, 51 years. married

Middle-aged, no sex drive, have suicidal thoughts

My age is 52 male my wife never like to even kiss her, last 9 years we have not been in sex she never want to go for it I have one 9 year son. I feel very bad some time I feel to attempt for sucide please help me

Hi,This is common occurrence with many men and women as well, we can understand frustration that you might be having at this point. For many people, sex is not just about body rather about connection with partner that it brings along, also about feelings of being needed, wanted and desired play major will have to reflect about what does sex mean to you? On the other hand i am sure there is some strong reason behind your wife not entertaining physical relationship, you should consider talking to her and understanding what are her views on it and helping her out as well to come out...
Sexual Issues Asked by male, 25 years. single

How to overcome low libido due to psychological issues?

Hi I am Monu. I had a online conslation with sexlogist. I have completely lost my labido since 5 yrs. I have taken every medicine to recover labido but medicine doesnt work at all. So i was suggested to meet a clinical psychologist who can only help me to overcome. Bcz it cannot be recover by...

Hi Monu, I understand your concern. having a healthy libido is important for maintaining a healthy mind and body balance and five years is a long time. I also understand that medication has not been very helpful as your problem is more psychological. It would be advisable to seek out specialists (sex therapists ) who can help you get to the root of the problem and give you the right guidance. It would involve discussing a lot about your history both emotional and physical as well as any current stressors that may have been responsible for the decrease in your libido. This would be possible...