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Slow recovery after fissure surgery. Can't cope up and stay positive

Asked by Male, 35, Married
I underwent fissure surgery recently and now recover period is on. But I think recovery is very slow and I am becoming negative about it. I am facing it difficult to cope up and stay positive. What should I do about this?
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, I appreciate your writing to us. I understand you had a fissure surgery recently and post-op care can be taxing. With fissure surgeries there's no falling back on excercises to aid your recovery either. It can become a huge demotivater to find your movements restricted while being in a lot of discomfort and pain. But do not be disheartened for while your recovery takes time and may even seem discouraging, it is still a recovery. Slowly but surely you are getting better. Although it may not feel like it, your age is also another factor that works in your favour. You already know that it's your post-op care that aids a speedy recovery.
Remind yourself of why the surgery needed to be done and the amount of pain you probably were in before that. The surgery was done to fix something before it got worse. Accepting this as a temporary adjustment in your life can help with your outlook. You will get your life back, when you can accept what you need to do to get there. Any recovery period had a limited timeline and yours is no exception either. You are your best ally right now and you need to believe that you can make it better for yourself.

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