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Others Asked by male, 30 years. single

My fiance wants to marry me for happiness of parents by leaving her love. Will she love me or be honest in relation?

What if my wife wants to marry me because of happiness of parents and has left love of his life will she be honest and love me

Marrying someone for the happiness of one's parents is not one of the very good reasons to get married to someone. You are aware that she has left the love of her life and that is something for you to think about whether you can live with that and be willing to put in efforts to discover if she will ever love you back or not. There is no guarantee ever whether a person will forever be honest and loving towards you or not, it is about whether you are willing to risk to find it out for yourself.
Others Asked by female, 29 years. married

Issues with critic parents

I wanted to discuss my relationship with my parents. More importantly about why I react the way I do when I'm with them. They are very loving and affectionate. But they are also highly critical. Their criticism brings out the worst in me and everything becomes ugly afterward. I'm worried about...

Hello Writer, Thank you for contacting the askmile team with your concerns about your relationship with your parents. We do discuss matters relating to family experience and you are in the right place for seeking help. You are worried about the quality of interactions between you and your parents. They are very loving and affectionate people. However, you are reacting to their controlling behavior. I do agree when parents criticize children all the time what you can expect is reaction behaviors. I do understand how you are deeply disturbed with this issue. However, you are seeking a...
Others Asked by male, 29 years. single

Unable to find a girl with the criteria decided by family within our community for marriage

I am looking for a girl to marry, but I am very confused to decide as to how to select and my family too has some basic criteria and I am unable to find someone who can fulfill. Criteria are good looks, education at least a BE/Mtech/MCA/MSc. If she is a software professional then it will be good...

Dear Writer, thank you for writing to us. I understand you are looking for a life partner who meets your criterias. Finding a perfect partner who meets all your requirements​ is based on luck and time. You have to think about what your expectations from a marriage are. Think about things like compatibility and shared interests, personal and professional goals etc. Also think about what are the things you can compromise with. Just like how you have your criterias the opposite side will have their own set of criterias. A marriage is also a relationship. You need to be sure of what you want...
Others Asked by male, 38 years. married

My friendship turns futile and a left with a sense of guilt

Hello, I had a rifted friendship, it turned so worse that she complained to HR and the HR took internal action which resulted in my career at stake and I lost my friend too. I am too depressed and I feel guilty of hurting her. Kindly help

I understand you are very upset about your broken friendship and your guilt in having hurt her. If comfortable could you tell me what led to this situation? Also can you tell me more about yourself as an individual? It will help me understand you better and guide you accordingly. Please message back to continue discussing. Regards
Others Asked by male, 22 years. single

Marriage within extended family members, is that a feasible act?

I want to marry my maternal cousin, we both are in love and we are Christians. Can we marry each other? The problem is there are no such marriages like marrying mothers sister's daughter but we can marry mother's brother daughter or father's sister's daughter, but we can't marry mother's sister's...

Dear Writer, Thank you for contacting the askmile team with your interest and love for your maternal cousin whom you want to marry. It is very painful if someone comes with the view that you cannot marry you love. It would break both of your hearts. There are many different types of customs and practices regarding the various groups and sub-groups in this country. In some quarters cross cousin marriages are not permitted while in some others it is encouraged. You have not seen any marriage in your family or community with maternal cousin. This makes you think it is not permitted. It is...
Others Asked by female, 21 years. single

How do I prevent my boyfriend's parents from interfering in the future of our relationship?

My boyfriend's parents have been divorced for quite sometime. And both have remarried different people. He's so scared of his dads wife and yes he has snapped on many occasions when my mom or even I for that matter of fact. During the past two years on two occasions his dads wife has threatened...

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes courage to reach out and take this step. With your problem what I see is that your boyfriend and you and are being subjected to emotional and verbal abuse. You both are adults and no one can technically dictate or control your future. Is your boyfriend financially independent? It's possible that years of emotional abuse has created this illusion of control. But in reality should she try to threaten you physically then you can file an FIR. It's important to believe that you and your boyfriend are not helpless and need not subject yourselves to...
Others Asked by male, 24 years. single

I am going to marry my maternal uncle's daughter. Can we give a healthy child birth?

I am going to marry my maternal uncle's daughter. Can we give a healthy child birth?As many people are threatening me about genetic defects. Please give me suggestions about what tests and precautions to be taken for a healthy child birth.

Dear Shiv, thank you for writing in. It's always better to be informed and cautious. Recent studies indicate that first cousin marriages have a higher risk of passing genetic disorders to their offspring. It is recommended that before planning a child a Carrier Genetic Test is done to find out if both the parents are carriers of a defective gene. I would also strongly recommend that you verify these doubts and concerns from a Geneticist or a Genetic Specialist at the earliest. Hope this helps.Regards.
Others Asked by female, 35 years. single

I m 35 and single. Should I join some religious institutions since I can't be staying alone through out my life

I m single . I m not sure if ll be married . M in mid thirties . Can you guide if I have to join some religious institutions since I can't be staying alone thourougt life . I'm really bothered of the insecurity and our society will not allow a single female to live happily. What should I really...

Dear User7188, Before we proceed, I would like to know if your single status is one of choice or circumstance. I would also want to know more about you, in order to take this forward. As I understand, being single isn't a crime or taboo. What matters most is, are you happy with your status or do you wish to change it? Please get back to me and we will take this forward. Warm regards. Arunita Biswas
Others Asked by male, 35 years. married

Slow recovery after fissure surgery. Can't cope up and stay positive

I underwent fissure surgery recently and now recover period is on. But I think recovery is very slow and I am becoming negative about it. I am facing it difficult to cope up and stay positive. What should I do about this?

Dear Writer, I appreciate your writing to us. I understand you had a fissure surgery recently and post-op care can be taxing. With fissure surgeries there's no falling back on excercises to aid your recovery either. It can become a huge demotivater to find your movements restricted while being in a lot of discomfort and pain. But do not be disheartened for while your recovery takes time and may even seem discouraging, it is still a recovery. Slowly but surely you are getting better. Although it may not feel like it, your age is also another factor that works in your favour. You already know...
Others Asked by male, 24 years. single

Affair with a Muslim girl and her family is looking for another alliance

I am a 24-year-old boy from a Hindu Family. I am in an affair with a Muslim girl from last 8 years. Now, her family members are trying to get her married to some other guy. They didn't know about our affair. What are the options that we can work on?

Dear writer, thanks for writing in. It's good that you are aware of what your options are. Since you both are clearly not in favour of eloping are you then keen on marrying each other right away or in good time? Focus on the option that is available, that being confronting her parents. Regardless of their agreeing to this, the only way forward is to let them know. Again, before you even approach her parents you have to be sure that you and your girlfriend are on the same page and are just as committed to each other even when circumstances are tough. I am assuming your family is in know...
Others Asked by male, 22 years. single

My girlfriend is overthinking, confused about our relationship

I met a girl around 7-8 months ago. It was back when we started job. She was a fresher like me. I got to know her, became good friends. We used to hang out together most of the time. And to be honest, I started liking her. She asked me about this a couple of times but I denied. Wasn't sure if she...

Dear writer, I appreciate your having written in. I understand that you are worried that you might get hurt and just now you are very unsure about the fate of your relationship. When you say that you think your friend is overthinking things or that you don't want her to feel obliged into being with you; you might be doing a little bit of overthinking yourself. You also said this might be your potential first relationship and although everyone's got to have a first at some point; i think that you might be letting your inexperience so to speak turn into an insecurity. Firstly you need to...
Others Asked by female, 29 years. single

Feel alone and family does not loves me

Hi,My family does not loves me.My younger sister set to get married,even my elder brother got married;But they just chose to ignore me.They does not care about me at all.I always deal all my problems alone only.

Hello, I would like to begin by giving you a warm hug. Thank you for writing to us and also giving an instance of what makes you feel the way you feel at the moment. I conclude that you are the middle one. You have an elder brother and a younger sister. I have interacted with many children who are in the middle order and most of them have this conclusion. As when we are children, our parents tell the middle born, he is elder, you must respect him, she is younger, you must take care of her. And the one in the middle feels she is the one who has to make all the sacrifices and is the...
Others Asked by male, 27 years. single

How to get a partner who will give emotional and physical support, advice for girlfriend?

How to deal with never having been into a relationship? so much judgement and comparison is being done, I don't want to get married any time soon, just want a partner for emotional, physical support. Also give advice on getting a girlfriend, currently there is no potential girl,

Dear Writer, thank you writing in. Well it's certainly not easy playing the field but do not be disheartened. It's good that you know what you want out of a relationship and that you don't take it too lightly either. Yes you might open yourself up to judgments and comparisons but it is also upto you to filter out the unimportant and inconsequential. The more sure you are of yourself, the lesser these comparisons will affect you. When you say you need advice could you perhaps let me know how you are while socialising with women. Do you feel comfortable and confident? It might help if you...
Others Asked by male, 16 years. single

Feeling guilty about scoring better than friend, he won't speak to me now

After moving back to other place last year I made a friend in my society. As in we became closer. He used to call me his best friend, I didn't feel the same for him. He used to ask me all his doubts and used to share everything with me. We used to play football in the society, so I used to call...

Hey, Thank you for writing for sorting this out. You seem to be really very disturbed with the way things have shaped up in this relationship. Making friends and being social is a need of every individual. You did the same. Which was nice. Yes you did take it a little for granted by calling him names, but at your age, that is an accepted norm. I see on a daily basis my son and his friends calling names to each other. It is nice to see that kind of camaraderie. It is these kind of conversations which also build your inner strength. However it was unfortunate that the person you call...
Others Asked by female, 27 years. single

Relationship issues with a guy

Relationship . If the guy really cares for me and what I need to do

Hi, I understand that you have confusion about whether to take relationship further or not and in any case how? in your case with a person who is showing affection towards you, it could be complicated to make this decision We would be able to help you with this if you can write back to us with more details about relationship and describe incidents so that we can help you think this through Do write back to us
Others Asked by male, 26 years. single

Unsure about future

I am depressed in my life .what to do in my future.

Greetings for the day :) There are several ways to come to that diagnose, I am sure that, if you speak with someone regarding it then you can work around it. Do get in touch with me, we will see how to organize and plan for your future :) Thanks.
Others Asked by female, 27 years. married

Will yoga help focus on studies?

Thank you very much for answering.Actually my father also been suffering from depression so m really scared as to will I be able to get rid of my depression.My passion is research in life science infact my goal is to pursue phd in the same.strangely I am not even touching my life science books...

Depression is a hard battle but not impossible to beat. Everyone deals with depression differently. Just because your father still finds it difficult to cope with, does not mean you won't find a way either. Have hope and keep fighting against it. Doing yoga has a number of benefits. It would boost mood,reduce stress, reduce insomnia and help you to relax as well. However, it would not directly help you to motivate yourself to work towards your goal of pursuing your phd. That kind of motivation has to come from you. That being said, you should know that everyone has phases where they're...
Others Asked by female, 15 years. single

Need help for mental health issue

i need help from a counciller, i am mentally skrewed up !!

Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to do what you need to feel better. But while overcoming depression isnt quick or easy, its far from impossible. You cant just will yourself to snap out of it, but you do have more control than you realizeeven if your depression is severe and stubbornly persistent. The key is to start small and build from there. Feeling better takes time, but you can get there if you make positive choices for yourself each dayReach out and stay connected to supportive people , Do things that make you feel goodeven when you dont feel like it...
Others Asked by female, 23 years. single

Wrong to make male friends in absence of females at workplace?

I am a fresher in my job! and their are no girls in my team and I am not able to mingle up with girls in other team because of ego crashing. Is it wrong to make a male friend?

Greetings for the day! Work place can be super difficult initally for anyone and I can understand that you are also facing a lot of difficulties initially. Give it sometime everything will become alright, and things will settle in for you, until then let me tell one thing for sure that, it is not at all wrong to make friends in any gender. As long as you know the limits that you need to maintain, so that others don't receive any unwanted communication from you of any sort. If you want to discuss more about workplace problems, then don't at all worry and you can message me and we can...
Others Asked by male, 33 years. single

Any side effects of taking 2 emergency contraceptive pills in 72 hours?

My girl friend has taken two emergency contraception in 72 hours.do I need to worry about her health in coming hours and in future. Would she suffer because of the pills

Greetings, It is certainly advised to take contraceptive pill according to prescription and also if you referring to one of those 'I-Pills', those are different from the contraceptive pills. Get it checked by a professional. Thanks.