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Unhappy in marriage due to husband's negligence and no care about me or my health!

Asked by Female, 23, Married
I have married recently but my husband never tries to understand my feelings he had no concern on me he even don't remember my birthday. I thought its ok and moved on but recently I am suffering with ear pain and I am taking some ear drops but he hadn't asked me about my pain also by this I have understood that he doesn't love me we had quarrel everyday I fed up with this.
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Counseling Psychologist

I see that you are unhappy with your marriage emotionally. You find your husband to be emotionally distant and you long for his expression of love, care, concern and attention towards you. It is only natural for you to want this, especially considering that you have been only recently married.

Some common reasons why a man may behave so towards his wife is that he might have not gotten married to you out of love or is incapable of showing it you you in ways that you understand. Different individuals have different ways in which they understand and express love. Your way might be through words, his might be different. See if that is the case or not.

Try to explore what is the reason behind him doing so. Express to him what you expect of him and how it makes you feel when he isn't able to do so. Ask him if he is interested in the marriage or you at all and if yes, is there anything you both could do to help understand each other better. Going for couple's therapy might be a good option to consider to resolve issues and build a stronger foundation for the future.

If none of these are viable options, then perhaps you should consider if you want the marriage despite this. If yes, think about ways you could manage with your situation and if not, explore your way out.

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