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How to deal with inadequacy and rejection of sex life in marriage?

Asked by Female, 46, Married
Is a sex less marriage sustainable? Been married for 24 years and there is no sex in the last 15 years. How do I deal with feelings of inadequacy and rejection? Have put in a great deal of efforts but to no avail. Please tell me what to do?
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Arunita Biswas
Clinical Psychologist

Dear User6340, To give you a generic answer, marriage is not only about sex but without sex, a marriage becomes dysfunctional. Since marriage is 2 people coming together for a common purpose, if both partners are of the same opinion on abstinence, companionship can substitute for physicality. But if, one or the other, is coerced into the agreement, then it will lead to dysfunctionality. That aside, in order to help you, I will need to know more about your specific circumstances. Please tell me more about the past 24 years of your marriage. Warm regards. Arunita Biswas

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