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Issues with in-laws

Asked by Female, 25, Married
Hi me and husband are married for 11 months. I am 7 months pregnant. I am presently staying at my mother's place. There has been a constant struggle between me and my in laws. At quiet few times they have insulted me and asked me to get out of their house. After my last fight with my laws I have decided to never to go back living with them again. I requested my husband to find some other place where we can move in. My husband is aware of all the wrong doings that his parents have done with me yet still he is insisting me to live with them and try to give another chance to them. I have previously given them plenty of opportunities to change their behaviour which all have gone in vain their rude demeaning behaviour still continues towards me and my family. Hence there is no way I wanna gonna back staying with them. This issue is been there for last four months. Me and my husband have been staying away from each other since four months.. he does visit me few times in a month. But due to our constant arguments over calls or in person it has become very tough for both of us where we both are disturbed. I have had enough of this constant mental torture and can't take this toll anymore . I don't want this marriage to end especially with this baby coming . Please help me.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. Congratulations on your pregnancy, although I understand it has been a stressful time for you. The difficult relationship between you and your in-laws is affecting your marriage and that is upsetting you. You have been living separately for 4 months and the few visits and calls are peppered with fights which spoils the time you get with your husband. Now if it weren't for the problem involving your in-laws how was your marriage doing? Either this in-law issue is an isolated problem or it has gone ahead and created other problems between the two of you. To get a better grip I need to know how you and your husband are as individuals and how you function within the marriage.??
Considering you are in your third trimester I completely understand your worries about the future of your relationship what your baby is being born into. At this point you also need a sound environment to enjoy what's left of your pregnancy. It might help to take a breather till you find your bearings. We can work on changing tactics to deal with your situation and also focus on your emotional health.

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