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Unreasonable, ignorable, long ugly fights and blaming each other creating problem in my marriage.

Asked by Male, 33, Married
Facing lot of problems in my marriage. We are having long ugly fights daily. There is absolutely no solid reason. Married for 8 years. Fights from beginning but getting aggravated now. No solution in sight. I blame it on her and she blames on me. Fight over trivial things even a child would ignore. She has a low threshold of irritation. Feels very entitled and vents out on me. Expects me to always keep on pampering her and make up. My low points are unjustified and her are valid.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, I understand that you are very troubled about the escalating fights in your marriage. Could you tell me more about yourself and your wife as individuals. It will help get a better grip of your situation. Also what I gather is that there is an incompatibility issue here but we need to figure out where exactly it lies.
Your aggravated level of fights tell me that there might also be a communication problem. Perhaps your need to be heard is louder than your need to listen to each other. We will get to this point once you provide me with more information about both of you. Please message back to continue discussing. Regards

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