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Unwilling to return to marital home for fear of injury by husband

Asked by Female, 26, Married
My husband may injure me or kill me, so I have left my marital home to stay with my parents. My husband has asked me to return home. I don't want to break the marriage but I am afraid to go back.
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Counseling Psychologist

I understand your decision to leave your husband's house. Abuse should not be put up with in any circumstance by anybody for any reason. I'm glad you had the support of your parents in this situation.

Abuse in a marriage is a dangerous and painful situation. If you and your husband want to sustain the marriage, some boundaries have to be set. To do this you may need to seek some professional help to facilitate rebuilding a bond with your husband and also to help you deal with the trauma you have been through.

In my opinion, you both should have a conversation about what happened and set personal boundaries with each other. This can be done in the presence of family if needed.
In addition to this , I would strongly recommend seeking help from a marriage counselor couples therapist to help you salvage your marriage.

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