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Emotional/Behavioral Asked by female, 30 years. single

I am there for cooking or ordering food and sex, my boyfriend does not give me time!

My boyfriend sucks. He never ever picks up my phone and never texts me and works all the time. I feel super duper alone and i am only there to cook food or order food or sex; clean the house and grocery and laundry. He doesn't have time ever. I am going to find a new boyfriend.

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. I understand that your experience with your boyfriend has led you to this conclusion. It's good to know you have figured out your parameters and deal-breakers. I can gather you are pretty angry with your boyfriend. It would also help if you mentioned what exactly you need my help with? Please do message back to continue discussing. Regards
Emotional/Behavioral Asked by female, 25 years. married

Married for 5 months, long distance relationship. I miss him and start crying!

I am married for 5 months and my husband is working in other state. I am working in other state. Whenever I call him, I miss him more and will start crying. He is fed up with my crying. Please help me stop crying and be happy always.

Dear User, You seem to be going through a difficult time. I see that you are newly married, yet live away from your husband which could be making you miss him and yearn for him. In the initial phase of marriage, some couples find it tough to live away from from each other due to various reasons. Could you please elaborate on what's your reason for crying and what kind of conversations do you have with each other?
Emotional/Behavioral Asked by female, 22 years. single

Feel ignored in a group and desperate for attention

I am from a small background. Before college, I have lived in my hometown only, which is very small and underdeveloped. I was always good at academics and got into an engineering college. I had to struggle to adjust myself in that new environment a lot and that was the first time I had to face...

Hi there! Thank you for writing such a detailed question. It takes a lot of courage to write about personal specifics, but it helped me a lot in understanding your situation better. Firstly, you may have symptoms of ADD but you do not have the disorder itself. The lack of attention/concentration and forgetfulness you have described can be present in a number of life situations or disorders. Secondly, I am glad that you realize how far you have come in life with sheer determination and hard work. The success you have achieved does not come easily and the path is usually full of...
Emotional/Behavioral Asked by female, 16 years. single

She ignores and avoids me, how to convince her?

She ignore me to see her. Her younger sis told my friends that her sis doesn't want to talk to me. What shall I do now?

Hello, Thanks for reaching out to the askmile team with your concern. We are here to help you. It is tough and painful when someone very important to you ignore you. You must be feeling hurt with her action. What her sister told you appears to be hurting you further. You do not understand her behavior and do not know how to handle. In order to give you specifiic direction it will be important that you need to give additional details. Who is this "she"? How long do you know her" What is the nature of your relationship with her? Do you think of any reasons for her ignoring you? Why it...
Emotional/Behavioral Asked by female, 47 years. married

I have discussed my relationship issues with my close friend, now he is avoiding me!

I have a relationship problem. I am not able to control my emotions and try to unload my insecurity and other concerns to a close person, who is now burdened with my issues and want to distance from me. this is pushing me further into depression.

Hello, Thanks for reaching out to the askmile team with your relationship issues. I understand you are 47 years old and married. It is always comforting when we feel someone there to listen to our fears, anxieties, and concerns. Now you feel that person showing signs that he/she is burdened with all what you share. It;s making you feel depressed. You feel that the security and the comfort you felt with this person is going away and you are feeling helpless. We are here to listen and help you with your thought process, emotions and behaviors. To help you further I need a little more...
Emotional/Behavioral Asked by male, 18 years. single

Trouble understanding others feeling and emotions right from my childhood

I had trouble understanding others feeling and emotions right from my childhood . I couldn't make friends . I lack focus and concentration towards the real life scenario many times. I lack presence of mind . I noticed, instead of thinking about real things I force my brain to do it , and...

Emotional/Behavioral Asked by female, 27 years. single

Possessive about live-in boyfriend, frequent fights

I am 27 years old female. I am in a new relationship. We stay in a live-in relationship. He is an engineer and I am doctor recently completed. Both of us are hyper in nature. And I am a person who argues a lot , gives a lot of reasons and expects answers to all my questions. And my bf hates...

Hi...I completely understand where you're coming from and this is not unusual among partners these days. So, firstly we I need you to know that I appreciate your awareness level and because of it, we can deal with this situation adaptively. To begin, your understanding of him and of yourself as individuals is great but maybe we need to work a little more in that aspect. Maybe till now it was okay to talk to him even when he's angry, and I understand your reasons as well, you could be doing that out of mere concern, you can tell me more about your thoughts at that particular time...but maybe...
Emotional/Behavioral Asked by female, 30 years. married

Mood swings, feeling negative, unable to express myself, feeling lonely

My problem is most of the time I feel lost and negative mood swings and being negative and unhappy and behave so rude. I am married. But I am unble to change myself for my happiness. No one loves me or i don't have relation with any one. I find my self stuck and I can't express my emotions easily...

Hello, Thank you for writing in to us. I really appreciate you reaching out for help. Happy to help. At the outset let me tell you that labelling yourself with some mental disorder will not help, what is important is you understood something is not right and you have initiated taking help. I read what you have shared and it seems that you feel unhappy, feel the need for change, feel that no one respects you, you feel lonely. Don't worry, these are normal emotions, each one of us goes through them at one point of time in life or other. And believe me situation changes for better. Can...
Emotional/Behavioral Asked by male, 37 years. married

Unable to express emotions and feelings

I am suffering from frozen emotions and feelings. Somewhat due to family atmosphere in childhood.

Hello Vikram, It seems like there is something bothering you about your childhood, would you like to talk about it more? Past experience can be difficult sometimes, feel free to share.