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Bisexual Friend. Feel inferior due to her sexuality.

Asked by Male, 21, Single
I have a friend, she is my best friend. She revealed me that she is bisexual. And she thinks a lot bad about herself but she is good person she thinks herself bad and inferior because of her sexuality. She is going through inferiority complex due to her sexuality how to help her?
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, I appreciate your writing in to us. I understand that you are very concerned for your friend and want to offer her all your support but are unsure of how to go about it. Well it might help you to find out why she thinks her sexuality makes her a bad and inferior person. You might want to get to know and understand what her thoughts of bisexuality and heterosexuality are? Did she go through some incidents or experiences that led to to this conclusion? Is it to do with her upbringing and what her family thinks or does religion play a role? The more you talk to her and encourage her to open up; well that's the kind of help you can give her right now. Letting her realise that you are on her side and are there for her is what can perhaps help her feel better and validated. Convey to her all the good that you see in her. You are a good friend and I think she might respond to you.You could suggest that she can try reaching out to a counselor on Askmile or even have a phone session. All the best.

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