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Sexless marriage, unable to trust compulsively cheating husband

Asked by Female, 33, Married
I have caught my husband chatting secretly with other women online many times and I do not trust him any more. We have a sexless marriage.
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Counseling Psychologist

Your heart and trust has been broken by your husband. More so, it has not healed completely yet. You still are not sure about your husband's loyalty towards you as this has taken place many times behind your back. To worsen it, there is no intimacy left in your marriage.

It takes time and is a painful journey and a difficult process to recover and restore a relationship that has undergone infidelity. I can imagine your pain and agony.

To begin with, it would help for you to ask yourself if you see yourself giving this marriage a chance or not.
If you do think it might be possible then here are a few articles to help you with:

It always helps to go for couple's counselling that provides a safe space to both partners to be heard and address the issues in the marriage.

If you do not see this relationship moving on any further and you feel it's time to end it, remember you have the choice to walk away from something that is causing you nothing but pain and if you have no faith in it to change for the better. Reaching out for support to friends and family, seeking help from a counsellor/ therapist and a lawyer for legal concerns will help you in the process.

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