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Partner will leave me if I tell parents that I am a lesbian

Asked by Female, 26, Single
I am a lesbian. Having problem with my partner. She cant trst me anymore. And want to tell my parents about my orientation. I cant marry actually. I'm aged 26+ years. But if i tell my parents about myself there is no guarantee that she'll stay. Life becoming more measurable. What should I do? Can't sleep, eat, work properly. I want her but i can't tell her because she will reject me anyway. Should i still hold on. Can't imagine my life without her.
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach


Firstly let me say that it was courageous of you to open up about your problem and talk about it. About the sexual orientation, it is perfectly natural/normal and this is not in your hands, saying that lets keep that aside and not worry about parents and marriage as of now.

Most important thing is that you need to focus is that you need to focus on your relationship and think of your partner as a person whom you can trust and not be insecure about, if you are thinking about a space where she is not able to trust you anymore, then you need to work on the relationship matrics together and build a stronger relationship.

Unlike any other relationship, the key here is the communication that you would have with your partner. If you are already believing in your heart that she will reject you anyway, then you are working towards it and not trying to work towards your relationship. In any relationship, there are always times where problems arise, and both partners think that they can't withstand each other anymore, but with some time and a heartfelt conversation, tell me which problem untill now has not been solved.

If you cannot imagine your life without her, I suggest you have a conversation with her and build a healthy realtionship, by which I also ask you to reduce the dependance on the partner because no body, including you won't like if anyone depends on you a lot. a healthy realtionship is one relationship where in both are independent beings coming together to celebrate love.

Hope this helps, Meanwhile we are always here to listen to what you have to say so write back to us and talk in depth about it so we can better help you out with this.


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