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Avatar woman be0a8aacfd115e0edc274fd884cc7f948481d3d050521f29e532c8c31e220ee2 Female, 35, Married
Husband Cheating
I was feeling depressed and suicidal in my marriage when I found out my husband is having an extra marital affair with his colleague in office. I confronted him and he cried and confessed but I was not able to forget it and it was killing me every day. I'd decided to come out of my marriage. I worked with the counsellor in Askmile and she listened to me, understood my pain and worked with me to slowly build back my marriage from scratch with slowly building trust and love in it. could message with counsellor anytime and somedays I was writing 10-15 times to her in a day and she would always respond with full understanding and provide great clarity. Really thankful to Askmile for helping me with my marriage.
Avatar woman be0a8aacfd115e0edc274fd884cc7f948481d3d050521f29e532c8c31e220ee2 Female, 27, Married
Mother-in-law Interference
I was really struggling in my marriage. The big interference from my in-laws was creating problems between us and my husband was not even listening to me. I discussed my problem in detail with Komal on askmile and she worked with me in helping me what I can do in building trust and have my husband understand the problem and also discuss with my in-laws clearly. It helped me a lot.
Avatar man cf2c0e9de03851c1cbcee8bdc3e683a72c5177614394de83b12758e37a55c95f Male, 26, Single
Anger Issues
I had some anger issues which was always ruined my previous relationships and was affecting my current relationship with my fiancé. I love her very much but whenever we fought I lost my temper badly and would say really painful things and regret later. Sneha worked with me and really helped me understand where the anger is coming from and how I can control it. It teaches me to stand in my fiance shoes whenever Im angry and that really improved my relationship
Avatar girl 1b6a0a78db8290385a340889ca7d42b009fe06ad2560b8e1a83153100ec34415 Female, 25, Single
I had a very bad breakup and I was in depression for few weeks and was losing appetite and weight. I was not able to concentrate on work and enjoy with my friends. Thank you Askmile for helping me overcome it fast and teaching me how to love oneself and live life fully :)

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