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Avatar woman Female, 35, Married
Husband Cheating
I was feeling depressed in my marriage when I found out my husband is having an extra marital affair with his colleague in office. I confronted him and he cried and confessed but I was not able to forget it and it was killing me every day. I'd decided to come out of my marriage. I worked with the counsellor in Askmile and she listened to me, understood my pain and worked with me to slowly build back my marriage from scratch with slowly building trust and love in it. could message with counsellor anytime and somedays I was writing 10-15 times to her in a day and she would always respond with full understanding and provide great clarity. Really thankful to Askmile for helping me with my marriage.
Avatar woman Female, 27, Married
It had only been 6 months into my marriage and it was already miserable. My husband and I were poles apart at almost everything. It was getting difficult to continue this marriage. But I also did not want it to fail. I was confused what I should do. I reached out for help here and my counselor helped me find my own answers to my confusion and supported me to work in my marriage and turn it better. What I learned was to see our differences from a new perspective and resolve issues in a much more effective way. I’ve understood myself and my marriage much better than before.
Avatar man Male, 35, Married
I was shocked to my wits end when my wife left our house along with our kid and asked me for a divorce. I was not willing to end our marriage like that. I had to do something. I reached out for help here and got to learn so much about what I was missing out on my own marriage. My counselor helped me to see how a change in my approach in the marriage could bring about a change in the situation. I put all of my desires into action with the support of my counselor and that indeed changed my wife’s mind and she was willing to give us a second chance! I cannot express my gratitude enough to you guys for everything!
Avatar girl Female, 25, Single
I was not sure of how speaking with a counselor could help me with the breakup I was going through. I was heartbroken, I didn't even talk to anyone. Used to keep thinking about my ex. One of my close friends suggested me to come here and I cannot thank her enough. I could talk to someone and vent out of the sadness I was going through. My Counselor and Askmile team helped me to find me a better future, let me realize my true potential. I was at my lowest self esteem. Now, I recommend Askmile to anyone who is going through breakup.

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